Agreed Contract:

In our first session, we will both sign the contract that I have sent to you prior.  I will revisit confidentiality, boundaries and supervision with you.  If there is something you later do not understand, or would like to change  please let me know in our next session and we will address this. 


Note taking

Notes will be taken of the session which will be covered by the GDPR (name, address, telephone number) and stored securely in a safe place.  The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO)  upholds the digital information that is held on you, promoting data privacy for individuals. 

These notes are stored on a hard drive and kept for 1 year.  

Cancellation Policy

Less than 24 hrs cancellation of a session will incur the full fee being paid. Wherever possible  Core Conditions will always aim to reschedule.  I will also notify you of any upcoming holidays, training dates, illness.



Counselling can evoke lots of emotions and feelings, we ask that clients remain respectful.  Any aggression, verbal or physical by the client will terminate our session and the full payment will still be taken.

If the client is under the Influence of alcohol or substances then the session will not take place.  In this instance the fee will be still paid for the lost session.



Whatever you say to  your counsellor will remain confidential. 

As part of the BACP Ethical Framework regarding professional standards,  a counsellor may need to share information  with their qualified supervisor.  This will also be held under strict BACP guidelines on confidentiality. No names will ever be used. 

If any information is required from a third party this will be kept to a minimum.  We are unable to provide in-depth reports on the clients or give opinions or diagnosis.

The only exceptions to breaking confidentiality:

1. Serious risk or harm to yourself or others.

2. If there is a court order to disclose information.

3. Drug Trafficking

4.  Money Laundering.

5. Child Abuse

6. Acts of terrorism.


Notes and records

Notes and records are kept to a minimum, information stored consists of  your name, address, date of birth, next of kin, signed contract, and sessional Session notes. 

All notes are stored onto a hard drive.  After 1 years the hard drive will be deleted.

Online Counselling

At this present time I am only offering counselling sessions online, via video link (Zoom), Text and Phone for the foreseeable future due to Coronavirus. 

Online counselling is fast becoming a popular choice of counselling for a lot of people.  As technology is progressing and online  security advancing this is a safe way to work. 

Some benefits are: it is convenient and easily assessable for those who wish to use it and a life saver for people who do not wish to leave their homes. 

This service is also crucial for clients who would usually have face to face sessions to still be able to access counselling.

As with face to face counselling, there will still be a contract negotiated and in place between the counsellor and the client. 

There is  an additional section in the contract to cover online sessions. This contract will remain in place for every counselling session received.   The contract will be sent to you to read, sign and return prior to our sessions commencing. 

Payment is to be made on the day of the counselling session prior to the agreed start time.  In case of a poor internet connection resulting in a loss of signal, I will resume contact with you via the phone. Sessions can be scheduled to suit you.

Before you decide here are some things to think about.  Do you have a comfortable, private space where you wont be overheard or interrupted during your counselling session? 

If you have young children, do you have child-care?  This supports you so that you do not have to stop and see to the children.

Client and counsellor will only be able to see each others face.  Unable to see each others body language.

Will you be comfortable with a counsellor coming into your home?  The counsellor will only be able to see you and what is directly behind you.

If this is something that you feel would suit you please get in touch.  By using Zoom, it is easy to download to the device of your choice and will still allow you to have a face to face session where you will be able to see your counsellor and hear their voice.

If you would like to do this call me on 07485  458 708 


Complaints procedure

Core Conditions are a member of the BACP.  If you feel you have cause to complain then any complaint can be made to them on 01455  883300