What is counselling ?

Counselling is a talking therapy, where talking about your thoughts and feelings, can help you to deal with times when you have felt troubled.

I am a Person-Centred Counsellor.  This means whilst you are in the counselling room, I will ensure you feel heard, valued and accepted for the person that you are.

I am passionate about my work and I will always do my best for my clients.

Through my reflecting back to you what you have just said, might be the first time you actually hear your words and what they mean for you.

In the counselling room we will explore together how things have made you feel and how you have reacted to them.

You may be experiencing trauma, anxiety, flashbacks or depression.  I can help you by showing you ways to control your thoughts, and keep you safe and stable.


Why do we need counselling ?

Counselling is a way to support us to make sense of things.

Sometimes life overwhelms us and we can’t see the woods for the trees.  No matter what we do, nothing changes.  This can lead to stress, anxiety or depression.

Counselling helps you to understand what has happened, and what you want from it.

You may have had a traumatic event in your life.  Counselling can support you to develop skills in helping you to cope on a daily bases. You will never be asked to talk about that trauma, only you can decide, if, and when.

How Can I help you?

Counselling helps to focus on you, and recognise what your strengths are.  Identifying them will help you to trust in yourself, to guide you, and give you the answers you are looking for.  This enables you to build your confidence, help you to start making your own choices, and make decisions that suits you.

Finding you cannot change events that still have a big impact on you.

Here, you will learn skills to help you to control the flashbacks, panic and anxiety,  before you find yourself back down that black hole.

I will help you to develop skills to empower you to control your body and mind, when things get too much.  We do not need to talk about the traumatic event, only how it is making you feel in the here and now.

Counselling can help you to stop experiencing the past, and to bring you slowly and safely into the here and now.  Processing what has happened can empower you to move on with your life, and not stay stuck with the trauma that is overwhelming you.

I am not the expert in your life, person-centred therapy sees you the client as the expert.  The theory of this is that we all have an inbuilt ability to always do the best we can for ourselves at the time.

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