Covid19: You are not alone
We are living in unprecedented times. Life as we once knew it has changed dramatically. 2020 has been the biggest of roller coasters, and everyone is affected. Emotions are heightened, with no control over the circumstance we face ourselves in. It has left us feeling overwhelmed, confused, anxious or even traumatised. These emotions can interfere with our daily life, well-being, physical and mental health. It’s lock down time again for many, where again, we are separated from family and friends – the people we turn to, to talk about our problems. Our usual coping mechanisms for dealing with stress and anxiety, taken away from us as we retreat back into our individual isolation bubbles. Those who can work, throw themselves into it. Some are juggling parenting at the same time, an added pressure. Those who live alone, are socially isolating, alone. Many have lost jobs. Many have lost loved ones. Some cannot get outside for their daily exercise and some are unable to digitally connect with friends and family or with the support services that they need. COVID-19 has thrown the biggest of curve balls. Add that to pre-existing problems that many were facing before the pandemic hit and existing feelings can plummet, leaving us feeling exhausted and on the verge of emotional burnout.

Taking back control
We all have our own way with dealing with our emotions and challenges. Often, many of us employ distraction techniques such as throwing ourselves into work. A method which will only be effective in the short term. It can take away the pain for now, but like a boomerang, it will return. Avoiding emotional discomfort, can make life more difficult in the long run. And I think we can all agree, life is difficult enough as it is. The inner cost of ignoring feelings such as stress/grief/anxiety/fears can have an adverse knock on effect on other areas of your life. When something happens beyond your control, old feelings and emotions can come to the surface and often, heightened to another level. Speaking to someone can help you change the way you are thinking about situations. Exploring your thought processes, emotions and how you are reacting to issues that you were dealing with pre Covid, or the present difficult times, can help you to understand what has happened and help you gain clarity on what you want out of life. Accepting you need help in the first place is the best step to getting back control of your feelings, and live your life, in the best way you can during these challenging times. Speaking to a therapist can help you to work through what is troubling you. We offer a calm space to talk in. Or just to listen, as you talk through your emotions and experiences. In this space you can be the person you want to be and say what you need to say with no fear of judgement or criticism. Talking about your problems and exploring your thoughts, enables you to see things from a different viewpoint. In a world which changes pace every day, I will work with you at your own pace. I cannot promise to fix all your problems, but I promise, you will not have to face them alone. Together we can help you take back the control of your emotions, and your life. We cannot change what is happening to the world right now, but we can make changes to help you live in it.